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My Travel Essentials

My Travel Essentials

Traveling can be one of the most exciting things to do but it can also be super stressful. Between remembering your passport, to asking yourself in the security line “did I pack those cute new sandals I just bought?!” traveling always brings a sense of anxiety and excitement to any situation!

Since I’ve been traveling quite a bit in the last year, I thought I’d put together a list of my Travel Essentials / Hacks for making things a breeze for traveling. These travel essentials I use all the time, whether its traveling locally home to my parents’ house or traveling internationally! Jordon and I just arrived in Ireland yesterday! We are so excited, but dreaded the whole "packing" thing leading up to the trip!

Passport holder

 It’s cute and keeps you super organized as you’re running down the terminal…Do I need to explain any further? Here’s this super cute one I’m going to be using in Ireland.

Don’t Overpack! 

I know this one is obvious, but I honestly think nothing is more stressful than having WAY too much stuff to keep track of. When your bag is overflowing, you’re already over the weight limit and you have to strategically pack everything to make it all fit – that is NOT fun to deal with while traveling. Here are some tips on how to conquer over packing once and for all:

  •   Pay attention to the weather in the upcoming weeks to your trip. Once you start packing, make sure you bring universal items that you can re-wear in different ways if needed.
  •  Take pictures of your outfits! This way you know exactly what outfits you have packed to wear for different events / days. This will lessen the random articles of clothing you pack because you already have designated outfits!
  • Dress in layers on the plane and wear your heavier items onboard! If you don’t have to pack it, then it saves you some room for packing any extra items you may need. Plus, planes get cold so having a jean jacket or sweatshirt on will you keep you warm during the flight.
travel picture

Pack healthy snacks / protein bars

With summer being only a month away – I’ve been trying to get bikini body ready *rolls eyes* Anyways – having healthy snacks on the go make it super easy to grab and go especially if you’re in the airport and want a healthy option! I love protein bars because they fill you up while being super easy for on the run.

Portable charger

So, you’re sitting on the plane and you realize, I have 20% battery life, one layover, and a 3 hour flight on the next plane, and my. Phone. Is. About. To. Die. I know, I know – I’m trying to get away from using my phone 24/7 too, BUT when traveling – a means of communication (and Netflix downloads for the plane) is SO important for keeping you busy. Make sure you bring a portable charger for the plane ride as well as for your travels! You never know when your electronics may need to be charged and you never want to put yourself in a bad place where the battery dies.


Now, if you’re going on a long flight, I am all for bringing your skincare essentials on the plane (ONLY if theyre under 3 oz ofcourse). Being on planes can totally dry out your skin and the worst feeling is being jet lagged AND having dry skin! So bring your favorite travel friendly moisturizer and facial spritz with you – you’ll thank me later!

These are the tips and tricks Jordon and I followed for our trip to Ireland, hopefully these travels essentials / hacks will help you with your next trip! What are your Travel Essentials or Hacks?  And where are you traveling to next?!

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