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So, February Is Over - What's Next??

So, February Is Over - What's Next??


So, it’s March and the excitement of “new year’s resolutions” and your fever for this being “your year” is starting to diminish, so what’s next? Time to kick it in high gear and KEEP GOING. Just because one month of 2019 is done, doesn’t mean we are giving up now. I’ve heard it (and done it myself) too many times to count, but really - this year will be different. Here are a few ways to keep your goals going this year and achieve those goals!

Positivity - Being positive is one of the most important parts to accomplishing your goals. Mind over matter is a real life thing, and if you can’t convince yourself that you’re going to achieve your goals, who else is going to believe you?

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” - Winston Churchill

All or nothing - making a resolution (or goals) for the year does not have to be an all or nothing thing. Each and every day you have a chance to start over and make progress. So no matter what your goal is, if you slip up, don’t use that as an excuse to give up. Keep on going! Don’t wait for Mondays, don’t wait for the perfect time, start now! 

Set small goals - I think it’s awesome to reach high for your goals. But when setting month to month, or even daily and weekly goals for you or your aspirations, set small goals to achieve. I always like to pick a few goals that will definitely challenge me but aren’t crazy out there. Set realistic goals, that way you are less likely to be discouraged if you set a goal that is super crazy hard to reach. 

TALK about your goals - I used to be someone that would keep my aspirations and dreams and goals to myself. But keeping these things to yourself DO NOT help you achieve them. In fact, it gives you an excuse to get out of them, because no one can hold you accountable. Now, I’m not telling you to tell every single person you know your goals, but tell your support system. Whether that be your significant other, family, friends, tell the important people and tell the people that are going to root you on and push you to achieve your wildest dreams. Start talking about your goals, it will help you achieve them and will set your feet into motion to get there.

Stop calling it a resolution - Don’t let a new years resolution hold you back from going after things or changing the direction you are headed. You DO NOT have to wait till next year on January 1st to change or adjust your goals. Every single day you can change what you want out of your goals.

Set yourself up for success - We can’t just set goals and wish that they happen. No matter what your goals are (health & fitness, business, etc) you have to put in the work to accomplish them! 

Schedule time each day towards your goal - goals are achieved by taking small steps every day to achieve them! So, schedule out your day and how you are going to take steps to reach your goals. Small steps will help you get there!

These are the tips that help me achieve my goals and the things that I am going to implement in my lifestyle to reach my goals this year! We are all in this together, so let’s go 2019!

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