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My Amazon Favorites You Need

My Amazon Favorites You Need

Amazon is my favorite way of shopping online! Can I get an amen?! Seriously, there are so many amazing options for shopping in every single category you can think of. Whenever I think of buying something, my first stop is on the Amazon app!  Since I have an Amazon Prime subscription, Amazon is always my go-to! Here are a few of my must-have items I’ve bought on Amazon over the last few months:


One of my top favorite items to buy off amazon are sunglasses! I love a nice pair of sunglasses, but theres something about having a few cheap pair to not have to worry about and to be able to try a bunch of different styles for a better price point. I wanted to try a pair of round circle sunglasses because they are super popular and Amazon was the perfect way to try them out.

USA tee

I love buying graphic tees -  whether it’s for working out, lounging around, or just a cute tee to wear out and about – I am all about it. I found the perfect USA tee for the fourth of July and two months later I'm still obsessed with it. It’s a super comfortable material – a mixture between a spandex / cotton feeling.

Tumbler cup

I’m all about getting enough water in my diet everyday! I was struggling with drinking water at work until I bought a tumbler. I’d always wanted to buy a yeti, but the price point was just too pricey to justify for a water bottle for me! So I bought a tumbler cup that comes in a ton of colors and I’ve been loving it (and drinking a lot of water) ever since.

Phone case

Phone cases are the best to buy off amazon. Whenever I’m getting a little bored of my case, or it has some wear and tear – I check out amazon for a great deal. I'm obsessed with marble, so one of my favorite phone cases I have is white marble! You have to check it out here.  Another one of my favorites is a matte frost iphone case that is perfect for everyday use.

Bathing suits

Bathing suits. UGH. This one is my fave. I LOVE BATHING SUITS. But I also don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for them AND I’m super picky about how they fit and the styles on me. My favorite way to shop for bathing suits is on amazon. They have so many options and I can order multiple sizes and return whatever doesn’t fit or I don’t like. While you can do that with many stores, it really comes down to the price point and variety that Amazon offers. Here is one of my favorites that I've been wearing ALL summer.


Another clothing option that I am very passionate about is leggings. Working out, lounging, pretending to do yoga, you name it – leggings are a girl’s best friend. I love lululemon leggings, but again, the price point is pretty steep to order from everyday! So I found these leggings on amazon that are the brand QueenieKe. They have great reviews, have a great waist band to keep them up and I can wear them whether I’m working out or laying on the couch. Let’s be honest – the latter may be more likely ;)

Check out the red leggings below!

Eye masks

Girl’s night in? Wanting to pamper yourself? 24k Gold eye masks are perfect from Amazon. I pour myself a glass of wine, order 15 of them and lounge – the perfect way to relax.


You ever want to dress up your style but not sure what / how / where do I even begin!? STORY OF MY LIFE. I’ve found that I can dress up and accessorize a lot of my outfits with pieces from amazon. I love finding costume jewelry necklaces, beanies, statement earrings, etc. This transforms my look and helps me stay stylish on a budget. 

Workout tops

Along with leggings – so many cute options and colors. I love the open back tee, like this one here. Also, I'm loving their crop top tanks

These are my Amazon favorites of lately! What are your Amazon must-have items?!

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