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Hair Dryers That You Need!

Hair Dryers That You Need!


Hair Dryers. I know I’m late to the party on this one (what’s new, right?!) but hairdryers are officially  my hairstyling “go-to”!

I used to HATE hairdryers. When I say hate…I mean it. My hair has a mind of it’s own and hair drying was never the answer for it. I typically would wash it at night, let it air dry while I slept, then use a curling wand or flat iron on it in the morning and that was it!  While that worked well for awhile, I always struggled with dead ends and dry hair. That was until I found the importance of using a good hair dryer and learning to style it!

I found two hair dryers that are my new favorites. The first one will be no surprise, as its all over Instagram and one of the most popular brands on the market right now. The first is the t3 featherweight luxe 2i. Not only is this thing beautiful with its rose gold and white design, it blow dries hair like a dream. This hair dryer blow dries my thick, unruly hair in about 7 minutes. Up until a few weeks ago, I was never able to say that!

T3 Hair Dryer.PNG

t3 featherweight luxe 2i

    Their website states that this dryer is supposed to be healthier than air drying and I believe it, my hair hasn’t felt this soft from hair drying in years! The dryer has 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings along with a cool shot of air that you can use to lock in that beautiful blow out. TIP- you can buy this hair dryer for $99 at Costco and it includes a t3 round brush!  It's an amazing deal. So if you have a Costco membership run there today or click the link above and get this hair dryer!

Revlon Hair Dryer.PNG

Revlon one step Hair Dryer & Volumizer

The second dryer that has become a holy grail hair dryer for me, is my Revlon One-Step Volumizer hair dryer. This dryer combines a round brush and hair dryer into one form and is SO EASY to blow dry your hair beautifully. Since I never used hair dryers, I was awful at blowing out my hair, but with a lot of practice, I’ve gotten much better! If you struggle with round brushing your hair – TRY THIS DRYER. It is perfect for beginners and even experts because it is so easy to use and gives your hair a beautiful smooth bounce. 

Hair pic 1.jpg

In the past, blow drying my hair meant I was in for a day of frizzy, weird waves, and poofy hair. Now, because of these two blow dryers, my hair is so easy to blow out and its perfect for styling before work in the morning. That doesn’t mean I’ve completely given up on flat irons and curling wands – I love heat styling my hair! But for day to day – it’s nice to have an easy go to for work.

What's your favorite hair styling tool?


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