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Dip Powder Nails Review

Dip Powder Nails Review

Dip manicure 1

I don’t know about you, but a fresh manicure completely changes how I feel. It makes me feel put together and I can’t help but feel super polished - pun intended ;)

How long will the Dip Manicure last? 

In the past, I always got shellac manicures because I can’t resist having a manicure that lasts two weeks! Once I heard that there was this thing called a Dip Manicure that was supposed to be healthier for your nails and last 3+ weeks?! What!  I HAD to try it!

What's the process and how long does it take?

The appointment took a little longer than shellac at about an hour or so. The process includes putting coats of base polish on your nails and dipping each finger in the dipping powder color of your choice. The nail technician does this about 3 - 4 times per finger and then shapes and buffs the nails and finishes them with a top polish.

How did they look?

The first time I got this done, I loved the look of it, BUT the manicure didn’t last as long as 3 weeks and started chipping pretty early on. I decided to give it another chance and went to a different nail technician and my second dip manicure has lasted over 3 weeks with no chips at all! There is a bit of grow out at around 3 weeks, but as long as my nails don’t have chips I don’t mind at all!


Price Point: The dip manicure itself is a little pricier than shellac (pricing varies by salon) but to me it can totally be worth it with how long it lasts!

How did my nails feel after they came off? I let my dip powder nails slowly come off on their own after the 3 week span and I will say my nails definitely felt weaker than they usually do from shellac. It's definitely better for the health of your nails to soak them off with acetone, but I just decided to let mine grow out / naturally come off.

Overall thoughts?

While I really enjoyed the longevity of the dip powder nails, I think i'm going to go back to shellac for awhile because of price point and overall look of the nails. The dip nails tended to look a little puffy and overly thick on my nails. Ultimately, I like both shellac and dip manicure, but I wasn't overly impressed on the look and it could have just been my nail salon, so next time I'm definitely go to try a different place just to see if theres a difference. I have a lot of friends that LOVE the dip manicure, I just prefer shellac manicures for now. 

What's your favorite type of manicure? and what are your thoughts on dip manicures?

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