So, February Is Over - What's Next??

So, it’s March and the excitement of “new year’s resolutions” and your fever for this being “your year” is starting to diminish, so what’s next? Time to kick it in high gear and KEEP GOING. Just because one month of 2019 is done, doesn’t mean we are giving up now. I’ve heard it (and done it myself) too many times to count, but really - this year will be different. Here are a few ways to keep your goals going this year and achieve those goals!

My Amazon Favorites You Need

Amazon is my favorite way of shopping online! Can I get an amen?! Seriously, there are so many amazing options for shopping in every single category you can think of. Whenever I think of buying something, my first stop is on the Amazon app! 

Happy Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is one of my favorite parts of summer. I am so thankful for the amazing men and women who serve our country and celebrating with friends and family! It’s so fun to go to barbecues and get together with loved ones to eat good food, celebrate and maybe even have a bonfire. At least that’s how WE do it in Michigan ;)

Hair Dryers That You Need!

Hair Dryers. I know I’m late to the party on this one (what’s new, right?!) but hairdryers are officially  my hairstyling “go-to”!

I used to HATE hairdryers. When I say hate…I mean it. My hair has a mind of it’s own and hair drying was never the answer for it. I typically would wash it at night, let it air dry while I slept, then use a curling wand or flat iron on it in the morning and that was it!  While that worked well for awhile, I always struggled with dead ends and dry hair. That was until I found the importance of using a good hair dryer and learning to style it!