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Home Gym Essentials

Home Gym Essentials

I’ve always been into working out and living a healthy and active lifestyle but certain times of the year can be harder than others to get that workout in! Even in the New Year, it can be hard to want to go out in the cold and snow (at least here in Michigan) and get to the gym. Workout slump’s are a real life thing. With 2019 just starting and everyone on the health and fitness train, one of the best ways to keep your resolution going throughout the new year is CONSISTENCY. Don’t burn yourself out too fast!

One way that I’ve learned to keep consistent throughout the whole year is by making my own “home gym.” No treadmills or large equipment needed! HIIT workouts are my absolute favorite and if I can sneak in a 30-60 minute workout at home rather than facing the cold weather and busy gyms, then thats a win for me!


Here are a few tips on how to create your own home gym:

Yoga mat

Amazon. What can’t you get there?! I bought an affordable yoga mat so that I could complete my workouts comfortably at home. And hey, you never know, maybe one of these days I’ll do yoga ;) This yoga mat is also really great for HIIT workouts and will hold up with wear and tear.


I keep a set of 5, 8, and 10lb weights at home for the different types of workouts. All of my workouts range with lighter weights so I like to have three variations of dumbbells at my house. I found some affordable weights here, and they're great quality and have lasted me a long time! Kettlebell’s are also a great option to have a heavier weight at home. Whose ready for some deadlifts?!

A basket to keep all your workout essentials in

I love anything (and everything) copper. So this basket is my favorite for keeping all my workout gear in one place! It’s so affordable and it’s the best organization piece for your house. Plus, I could use all the organizational help I can get, so might as well make it cute :) You can also find baskets similar on Amazon!

Plan Your Workout

Find a program or workout plan that allows for at home workouts. I’ve found that the best way for me to commit to a workout plan is through YouTube videos and pre-planning my workouts. One of my absolute favorite workout programs right now is Tone it Up because I love their message, positivity, and they have great workouts that they plan for each day of the week. This aspect makes it SO easy for me to fit them in during the week. You can either do their Daily Moves for free each day, or sign up for the Studio Tone It Up app, they have a ton of different types of workouts and I do all the workout videos from my phone. I also think the community aspect of the app is amazing! I love that my sister and I can sign up to take classes together even when she’s 1,000 miles away! Click this link to download the app and join the program with us!

 Your favorite pair of tennis shoes

Keeping my favorite pair of tennis shoes to work out in right by my home gym helps with making sure I get my workouts done in a timely manner. The time I would be spending looking all around the house for them can now be used working out and it’s so nice to have your favorite pair of sneaks ready to go!

Working out at home has really become a game changer for me and has shown me how easy it can be to get an effective workout in each day. I highly encourage you to find whatever type of workout you love and are passionate about. All that matters is that you get your body moving and enjoy the workouts you do! All of these tips have helped me create my own home gym and I hope they help you too.

Comment down below your favorite workouts and if you have a DIY Home Gym at your house!

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