Home Gym Essentials

I’ve always been into working out and living a healthy and active lifestyle but certain times of the year can be harder than others to get that workout in! Even in the New Year, it can be hard to want to go out in the cold and snow (at least here in Michigan) and get to the gym. Workout slump’s are a real life thing.

Favorite Breakfast

One of my favorite things to eat for breakfast any day of the week are eggs!  They are so simple but can be dressed up or eaten plain as can be. Today, I went for hard boiled eggs and I had a little more time so I decided to add a little avocado toast with my eggs. 

My Trader Joe's Current Favorites

Grocery shopping is one of my favorite hobbies! I know, I know, sounds lame. But honestly, nothing is better than spending my Sunday grocery shopping and meal prepping my favorite meals! One of my favorite grocery stores to shop at is Trader Joe's. I love all the healthier alternatives and unique items that they offer!

Energy Bites

With the Holiday season around the corner, it's tough to stay on track with desserts lurking at every corner! I love to indulge with my family and friends, but when I am trying to stay on track with my health and fitness goals, these energy bites are a lifesaver.